Fuck Yeah! Feminism - A Manifesto

•     Fuck Yeah! Feminism wants to change the negative stereotypes associated with modern feminism and the modern woman.  Feminism isn’t just a war against men, or groups of women getting together to burn their bras and join lesbian communes – it’s a movement about equality everywhere.  It’s time to debunk these myths and change the face of what feminism really means, and what it’s all about!

•     Feminism isn’t just for middle-class, white, straight, Western women, it needs to include everybody, everywhere.  If feminism continues to exclude people of different races, sexualities, sexes, and remains without representation in these categories, progress will never be made, or made permanent.  In order to make strides for equality in a patriarchal society, everyone needs to come together to defeat oppression!

•      Women’s rights and equality are NOT just an issue in the Western world – these issues exist everywhere!  Women, men, and LGBTQ need to start fighting for their rights no matter their location.  Even if there’s fear of persecution, this fight still needs to be fought!  Your rights are still important and your voice needs to be heard!  Fear is only as powerful as you make it, so stand up and fight for what’s right!

•     Feminism isn’t just about being a woman – it’s about men and women accepting us for who we are, regardless of our sex or interests.  Equality shouldn’t be based on whether you sit or stand to pee – it’s about equal opportunity for everybody, no matter where they’re from, who they sleep with, what they believe in, or how they work.  Equality shouldn’t have restrictions – it should be open and free to everybody who wants it.